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A Cookbook Conspiracy
Bibliophile Mystery #7
Kate Carlisle

May 6, 2014/ ISBN 978-0-451-41597-4
Mystery / Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Brooklyn Wainwright is happy for her sister, Savannah, who has a great opportunity to showcase her cooking skills at the opening of a new restaurant in San Francisco. While Savannah has her own restaurant, her friend, and former lover, Baxter, is a celebrity chef and the attention will be great for Savannah, and the other chefs who will each get a night to cook over the course of two weeks.

That’s the plan, anyway, until Baxter is murdered and Savannah is found standing over him with the bloody murder weapon in her hand. Missing from the scene is an antique cookbook, restored by Brooklyn at Savannah’s request. Baxter had given the cookbook to Savannah during their fling in Paris, and suggested she tuck it away and forget she had it. Now Baxter got it back and shortly thereafter, he turns up dead. Is there a connection? Brooklyn ponders this and enlists her handsome beau, an investigator, and security specialist to help her find out, and to prove her sister’s innocence.

Carlisle continues to delight her fans with the Bibliophile Mystery series. The story is artfully woven, the characters true to life, and the mystery, well, mysterious. I read the book in one afternoon, and then was tempted enough to try to make one of the recipes found at the back of the book. I am happy to report that not only did I thoroughly enjoy the book, my husband and I both loved Brooklyn’s Guacamole Surprise!

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