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Cross My Heart
Alex Cross Mystery #21
James Patterson
Read by Michael Boatman, Tom Wopat

Hachette Audio / Little, Brown & Company
September 30, 2014/ ISBN 1478952989
Thriller / Detective / Audio CD – Abridged, Audiobook

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


‘Twas the Night Before Easter

The Prologue for Cross My Heart has Alex Cross walking alone in the middle of the night, grieving - and this is just one of cliff hangers to hold you in your place…

16 days earlier…

The movements of the Cross family are being monitored and documented. Writer Marcus Sunday sits in a van, posing as a vacuum repairman named Thierry Mulch. Right away, the reader wonders why he’s following Alex and his family. Is Marcus trying to catch Alex or Brie doing something they shouldn’t so he can expose them?

District of Columbia has one of the worst homicide rates in three decades. Cross is now the roaming investigator for both the homicide and major case squads. He and his partner (and friend), John Sampson, bear the burden of resolving these cases. The latest crime is a murder at a massage joint and the victim is a popular football player. Not only is he murdered in a sleazy massage parlor, drugs are found with him and a woman claiming to be his wife comes forward. The secondary thread in Cross Your Heart is about Ava, the girl who stayed with the Cross family for a while, and she’s now missing…

Listeners/readers are aware of the murderer with the manic behavior. It gets really creepy and at some points too graphic -- for me, anyway. Cross and Sampson do their best to hunt the killer down. The Cross family is also involved the storyline. Alex is updating their kitchen and bathrooms. NanaMoma is taking the change personal. In listening to the audio I thought opening their home to contractors (strangers) will make them vulnerable, surely Alex is smarter than that.... We'll see...

Patterson gives readers exactly what they crave: Cliffhangers from chapter to chapter, strong dialogue, edge-of-the-seat action. It’s compelling content throughout. Alex Cross fans do not want to miss this one.

Actor Michael Boatman continues to breath life in to Alex Cross for audio listeners. Boatman narrates Walter Mosely’s Easy Rawlin series, as well as other genres and nonfiction such as Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela.

Actor Tom Wopat narrates the creepy parts of the storyline. Wopat narrates titles by David Baldacci, Elmore Leonard, Nicholas Sparks and more. His version of this killer is chilling. I had to stop and take a breath a time or two.

The audio version of Cross My Heart is intense; expect to keep your mp3 player or Ipod close until it’s over.

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