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Dark Spies
Spycatcher Series #5
Matthew Dunn

William Morrow
October 7, 2014 / ISBN 9780062309464
International Spy / Thriller

Reviewed by Bob Walch

The name of the game is betrayal in this latest Matthew Dunn thriller. Joint CIA-M16 operative Will Cochrane is totally surprised to encounter a Russian spymaster he assumed was dead. He is even more shocked when his superiors tell him to keep his distance from the Russian.

When his former nemesis moves against an individual Cochrane has been assigned to protect, Cochrane says "enough is enough" and he decides to return to the U.S. to discover what is going on here.

Naturally, the agent has stumbled upon a deep conspiracy which means the path will be filled with danger and littered with bodies. With both the bad guys and his own employers after him, Cochrane is in for the ride of his life. If he is going to survive he's going to have to outwit some very determined and crafty adversaries, including one he thought he already killed years ago!

This is espionage fiction at its best with non-stop action and a protagonist whom James Bond would be proud to have protecting his back!

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