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Dead Between the Lines
Devereaux’s Dime Store Mystery #3
Denise Swanson

March 4, 2014/ ISBN 978-0-451-41888-3
Mystery / Cozy / Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Dev Sinclair is doing her best to keep her five and dime store going in a tough economy. After all, she has to keep herself and her grandmother fed, clothed and with a roof over the heads. Her dad, wrongly imprisoned, is soon to be paroled and she may have to support him, as well. Dev decided to host more groups in her shop. She already has knitters and the like, but the Stepping Out Book Club is new.

The first meeting of the book club is contentious, to say the least, and the visiting author, poet Lance Quistgaard, storms out after meeting opposition to his negative view of small towns and their inhabitants – just like Dev’s hometown of Shadow Bend. When the nasty Quistgaard is stabbed to death with a stake, and his body found right behind Devereaux’s Dime Store and Gift Baskets, Dev once again finds herself in the midst of a murder investigation. After all, her family name may be besmirched unfairly again, and even worse, it seems the killer it out to stop Dev dead in her investigative tracks!

Denise Swanson is a seasoned mystery author, and you can never go wrong with one of her books. I do enjoy this series, and applaud her use of a storyline with a twist and a basis on a “real life” novel. I won’t give it away- you have to read it for yourself! I very much enjoyed that Dev has two incredible men vying for her affections, and that she struggles as to which one she really loves—when obviously she is in lust with both of them! Five “five and dime” Heads Up for Dead Between the Lines.

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