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Sandra Brown
Read by Stephen Lang

Grand Central Publishing
January 28, 2014 / ISBN 1478951648
Mystery / US / Contemporary / Audiobook /Unabridged

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

The prologue of Deadline takes listeners to Golden Branch, Oregon, 1976. It's The Rangers of Righteousness against the US Marshalls, Sherriff's deputies, FBI and ATF agents. Carl Wingert and his wife are the only Rangers to escape the shootout. FBI agent Gary Headly is the character who stands out in this gun battle and with reason. In present day, Headly gets news about Wingert. An aged Headly is going through the official process of retiring when he asks his godson, Scott Dawson, for a favor.

Scott Dawson is a journalist in his thirties. He's just returned from Afghanistan. He carries the effects of war in his mind and on his sleeve. Dawson has a new boss at the news magazine. She wants his "vacation" cut short to cover a hot air balloon piece. Dawson almost agrees until he visits his godparents.

Dawson's godfather, Agent Headly, wants him to fly to Georgia and cover the trial involving Wingert's son. Wingert had a son named Jeremy Wesson who was raised by someone else, grew up to become a Marine and war vet and is now dead. His widow is testifying at the murder trial. When Dawson meets Jeremy's widow, Amelia Nolan, everything changes and now everyone -past and present- is at risk.

Deadline is a story of heroes and villains. The main characters, as well as the listeners, are transported from the present to the past to uncover the truth and set free the victims of a coldhearted maniac.

Dawson and Amelia are the main characters and it was nice to see their characters develop throughout the storyline. But for me, the secondary characters, Wingrent and his wife, Flora Stimel, stole the show. I felt like I was listening to the story of Wingert, Jeremey, and Flora. Flora's diary is heartbreaking. And the final showdown involving Dawson just blew me away.

Stephen Lang narrates Deadline. Lang is a TV, stage and film actor. He's known for Avatar and Fox's adventure drama series Terra Nova. He also narrates titles by Stephen King, Joe Hill, Vince Flynn, Scott Turow, Tim Green, Dean Koontz and others.

Lang delivers both a broken and a healing Dawson. Readers will hear the narration change as Dawson gradually comes to grips with his future. But it's Flora's meek and regretful voice that resonates throughout the storyline.

Fair warning: Graphic violence and sex.

Reviewed 2014