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Deadly Forecast
Psychic Eye Mystery, # 11
Victoria Laurie

Obsidian/Penguin Group
June 3, 2014/ ISBN 978-0451419699
Paranormal Cozy Mystery

Reviewed by Linda Morelli


FBI psychic consultant Abby Cooper is nearing her wedding day to agent Dutch Rivers when a series of bomb explosions rock the Austin area. Two young women, with bombs strapped to their chests arrive at local businesses when the bombs explode. When terrorists are initially suspected, Homeland Security gets involved. Local FBI agents Abby, Dutch and Candice are assigned to investigate – not an easy job when Homeland Security agents claim it’s their case. The investigation progresses, but soon Abby senses that being near Dutch puts his life in danger. She tries to stay away from him, which complicates their pending wedding plans, but unfortunately, she’s right.

The story is presented in first person narrative when featuring Abby, and in third person when featuring M.J. and her sidekick, Gilley, who have been invited to the pending wedding. I’m not sure the inclusion of M.J. and Gilley added anything except as an added vehicle to use current time and flashbacks to convey the plot. It’s a unique style, yes, but one which often disrupted my train of thought.

Several characters enhanced the novel, such as the teenager Brody, who lost his mother Rita in a bombing, and Candice, who consoles Abby when she most needs it. Abby’s sister Cat was annoying, with off-the-wall ideas for Abby’s wedding. Abby as the main character was enjoyable, and I love the words she uses to avoid popping quarters into her “swear” jar. Dutch is an alpha hero who possesses tremendous patience where Abby is concerned. Another character I loved was FBI boss and Candice’s husband, Brice, who has a heart of gold.

Deadly Forecast’s plot is solid and the action fast paced. While I can usually spot the culprit early, this story kept me in suspense until the very surprising end.

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Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels.
Reviewed 2014