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Death At The Boston Tea Party
A John Rawlings Mystery – Book XVI
Deryn Lake

Severn House
30 April 2016 / ISBN: 9780727886170

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


John Rawlings is en route to Boston, Massachusetts, to meet up with a man who is interested in his carbonated drink recipe. But the ship is wrecked, causing him and the rest of the survivors to trek miles to their destination. Once in Boston, things are not quite as he had hoped, and there is an atmosphere of discontent. The colonists are not happy under British rule, but when things reach a head at the Boston Tea Party, one of Rawlings' erstwhile shipmates is found dead.

I am sure I am not the only one who thought this series over after a tidy ending completed the fifteenth entry, but here is John Rawlings back for a new adventure. There is very much a feel of a fresh start here, and most of the book is not about murder and detection but John's adventures at sea and in a fledgling America. John witnesses the Boston inhabitants edging towards revolution, makes some new friends, meets some Native Americans and sets up a business. Reading about all this is entertaining, and during the latter half of the book, John gets to do some detecting as well, although at times this feels rather an afterthought. This is the latest in a long series and the characters have taken on a life of their own, so reading about their other activities is as much a part of the stories as the sleuthing. I feel that this series is at a crossroads now and it will be interesting to see where the author takes it next.

Reviewed 2016