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Death in Sardinia
Inspector Bordelli Mystery #3
Marco Vicki

March 6, 2014 / ISBN 978-1605985015
Mystery / Police Procedural / 1960 Italy

Reviewed by Linda Morelli


Previous releases in the series are: Death in August and Death and the Olive Grove

Marco Vichi's Death in Sardinia, the latest translated installment in the Inspector Bordelli police procedural novels, brings alive Italy and Florence in the 1960's. Although the plot is straightforward involving the murder of a particularly unsavory character, the real interest is Bordelli himself as he works to solve the crime. Bordelli, a man in his fifties, tries to deal with the social changes in Italy during the 1960's as he still recalls vividly the fresh and painful memories of his WWII experiences. De to this confluence of the WWII memories with contemporary Italy, the author paints a highly nuanced inspector.

What makes the Bordelli mysteries so compelling are the challenges Bordelli faces as a man in his mid-fifties: namely, a broken love affair, single, smoking too much, the daily routine of living, and trying to understand young people of the 1960's. Bordelli as a character soon becomes more interesting to follow than the actual procedures involved in solving the crime. For non-Italians, the book provides insights into the inter-workings of the Italian police and judicial system. For others, as Bordelli navigates streets and landmarks of Florence to solve the murder, the author introduces the reader to a vibrant Florence not described in guide books.

Arthur Marco Vichi continues the tradition of Henning Mankell's Inspector Wallender and Donne Leon's Commissario Brunetti characters, all of whom face similar challenges as they navigate their respective personal and social challenges in solving crimes.

Death in Sardinia is a thrilling novel that provided an intriguing mystery, fast paced suspense and settings so visual that I yearned for more from this talented author. A must read for anyone who loves foreign mysteries with intelligent characters and an engrossing plot.

Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels.
Reviewed 2015