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Death Is Like A Box of Chocolates
Chocolate Covered Mystery #1
Kathy Aarons

Berkley Prime Crime
September 2, 2014/ ISBN 0425267237
Mystery – cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Best friends and housemates Michelle Serrano and Erica Russell have a shop in West Riverdale, Maryland called Chocolates and Chapters. Michelle is the chocolatier and Estelle runs the book side. They are busy getting ready for the Memorial Day Weekend Arts Festival as they will be hosting the Great Fudge Cook-Off. It is a win-win situation as it will bring more tourists with money to spend to their town.

Monday morning comes and Michelle has finished her daily run. Now she is heading to Chocolates and Chapters to come up with new flavors for her chocolates. It is strange that the lights are on in the shop. The door is not locked. Michelle enters and smells the distinctive perfume of Denise Coburn who owns the photography studio next door to Chocolates and Chapters. Denise is sitting in a comfy chair and clutching her stomach. Michelle smells almonds and sees that Denise is foaming at the mouth. On the nearby table are some of Denise's favorite chocolates. Looks like the dead chocolate lover was poisoned by Michelle's chocolates. Fearing being closed down by the health department for a lengthy amount of time, Michelle decides to investigate Denise's death and find the real killer. She had better be careful or she could end up tempered.

Things to ponder: What were the robbers looking for in Denise Coburn's photography studio? Was Denise the intended victim? Why was Denise in Chocolates and Chapters? Will anyone find out about Michelle's specialty chocolates?

I am always thrilled to find a new cozy mystery series. Add a new to me author and I am in heaven. I get to find new characters to love. This delectable new series is well written and I found I could not put it down. While there are no samples of Michelle's delicious truffles, the author has thoughtfully included some recipes. Mystery lovers will eat up this yummy story. So if you like your mystery with a box of chocolates, then you should be reading Death Is Like a Box of Chocolates.

Reviewed 2014