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Death of a Crabby Cook
Food Festival Mystery #1
Penny Pike

Obsidian Mystery
August 2014/ ISBN 04511467817
Mystery –cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Darcy Burnett is now unemployed. She was the restaurant reviewer for the San Francisco Chronicle. Now it looks like she will be helping her Aunt Abby run her Big Yellow School Bus food truck. Abby tricked out an old school bus - paying homage to her days as a school lunch lady. With all the food festivals around San Francisco, Abby can use the extra help. Meanwhile, Darcy will gather the best recipes from the festivals and turn them into a cookbook. Looks like a win-win situation.

The fly in the ointment is restaurant owner Oliver Jameson. He thinks the food trucks outside his restaurant, Bones 'n' Brew, are ruining his business. He has had run-ins with most of the food truck owners.

Most recently Aunt Abby. They got into a screaming match, and Abby pointed a knife at Oliver. That night the police show up at Abby's home and inform her that Oliver Jameson is dead. So when the police take Abby to the station for questioning, Darcy and Abby's son, Dillon, tag along. They know Abby is innocent – proving it will be another matter. Darcy had better be careful solving this crime. You never know when you could get sliced.

Things to ponder: Who wanted Oliver dead? What was in the hidden folder that Aunt Abby found? Will Jake Miller ever talk to Darcy? Just where does cousin Dillon disappear to on an almost daily basis?

Another new series written by someone I have read in the past. The author AKA Penny Warner writes the Party Planner Mystery series. How lucky can one reviewer get! This is a clever new series that cozy mystery lovers will eat up. The author provides clues and suspects, and adds a pinch of romance too. It is well-plotted and pulls you right into the story. I found it became a page-turner that I needed to finish. The author has provided some yummy recipes. The next book in the series – Death of a Chocolate Cheater, will be out in summer 2015. So if you like your mystery with gourmet truck food, then you should be reading Death of a Crabby Cook.

Reviewed 2014