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A Dish Best Served Cold
An Italian Kitchen Mystery #3
Rosie Genova

Obsidian Mystery
August 2015 / ISBN-10: 0451415167
Mystery - Cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


The seventieth anniversary of the Casa Lido Restaurant, located in Oeanside Park, NJ, is fast approaching. Vic Rienzi and her family are busy planning and prepping for the big event. When an old family friend, Pete Petrocelli, shows up claiming to have a good idea for a mystery, mystery writer Vic asks her Nonna about it. Nonna tells Vic about a relative that disappeared in Italy. There is a hurricane the night of the big party. Everyone appears fine - until they find Pete's body.

Things to ponder: Was Pete's death an accident or murder? Will Vic find out more about the missing family member? Did Pete really know something that might have gotten him killed?

This third book in the Italian Kitchen Mystery series does not disappoint. The story is as fresh as the food cooked at Casa Lido. It is fast paced and I found I stayed up until the wee hours to find out whodunit. The story is well-plotted and the author has provided plenty of suspects. Genova has even provided some very yummy recipes. Cozy mystery lovers will enjoy themselves hanging with Vic on her journey to solve the crime. So if you enjoy eating with your mystery, then you should be reading A Dish Best Served Cold. I can't wait to see what the next delectable morsel Rosie Genova cooks up in her next book.

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