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Dying for a Cupcake
Devereaux's Dime Store #4
Denise Swanson

March 3, 2015 / ISBN 978-0-451-41889-0
Mystery / Cozy /Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Dev Sinclair has agreed to be the host for a cupcake contest, to be held upstairs at her shop, Devereaux's Dime Store, in her home town of Shadow Bend, Missouri. After all, tourists would come, there’d be national publicity, and therefore the opportunity to increase sales and keep her business in the black.

As Dev struggles with a decision about which of the two men in her life might be “the one” for her future, the cupcake contest is also a welcome distraction. Until that is, a young woman is murdered and it appears that someone is really out to get cupcake queen, Kizzy Cutler, who brought the contest to town.

With an uncertain list of suspects and a seemingly thin list of possible motives, the police don't seem to have much to go on. Dev decides to work the case herself since she's had success in solving murders before. Also, there is the whole keep the business in the black aspect, not to mention preventing another murder. To make matters even more confusing, there’s a new fire chief in town and he is smoking hot! After a small fire at the dime store, his interest in Dev becomes evident. Three sexy men? What's a gal to do?

This is yet another delightful read in the Deveraux's Dime Story Mystery series. I couldn't put it down, never figured out who the killer was or why. I turned page after page well into the wee hours because I just had to finish the book. The characters are down to earth, the plot realistic and the overall atmosphere fun and intriguing. This is one engaging page-turner sure to satisfy cozy mystery readers from start to finish!

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