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Dying for the Past
Gumshoe Ghost Mystery #2
TJ O'Connor

Midnight Ink
January 8, 2015/ ISBN 0738742066
Mystery – Paranormal/Detective

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Dying for the Past, the second in the Gumshoe Ghost Mystery series, starts off with a bang. Professor Angela Hill-Tucker, widow of ghost detective Oliver “Tuck” Tucker, is raising money at a charity ball. It is being held at The Vincent House in Virginia. While dancing, Stephanos Grecco is shot dead by an unseen shooter. In addition, all the money raised is gone! Tuck may be dead – but he still has his detective instincts. He starts searching the house and finds himself back in 1935 in the company of the original owner of the house – Vincent Calaprese. This ghostly gangster has a job for Tuck. He wants him to find a guy named Benjamin and wants his book back. Looks like Tuck has several cases to solve. Tuck may need the help of his wife, and some former police associates. Luckily, they can usually hear him – even if they don't like to admit it.

Things to ponder: Was the murder used to cover the theft of the donations? Who is Benjamin? Did the shooter kill the right person?

What a great premise for a mystery series. A ghost detective that helps solve old cases and rights old wrongs. Throw in a little time travel and you have a monster read. The story grabbed me at the first page and held me until the very end. It has touches of Dashiell Hammett's detective – Sam Spade. The story is very well-plotted and mystery lovers will enjoy trying to figure out whodunit. This was a page turner of a read for me. I couldn't put it down once I started reading it. I am looking forward to reading about Tuck in the next Gumshoe Ghost Mystery. So, if you like a good detective mystery, then you should be reading Dying for the Past.

Reviewed 2014