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Joe Pickett #15
CJ Box

G.P. Putnam's Sons
March 2015 / ISBN
License Investigator / Game Warden / Wyoming/Montana / Contemporary

Reviewed by LJ Roberts


First Sentence: When Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett received the call every parent dreads, he was standing knee-high in thick sagebrush counting the carcasses of sage grouse.

When Joe Pickett receives a call about the body of a girl being found in a ditch by the highway, it is suspected to be his ward, April, who had taken off with rodeo champion Dallas Cates. Cates' family gives him an alibi, and there's evidence pointing to someone else. But Joe isn't convenience and is determined to learn the truth…one way or another.

There's no question but that C.J. Box knows who to write a completely compelling book. He's the type of author whose story you start at page one, and find yourself in exactly the same spot several hours later when you've finished the book.

Pickett is such a wonderful, fully-dimensional character. You know who he is and for what he stands. He is moral and principled, as well as determined to find the truth, particularly when it impacts his family. Don't for a second, however, think that makes him perfect or boring. He is the sort of person you'd want on your side. The balance between Joe and his wife, Marybeth, rings absolutely true, with each playing to their strengths. The same also applies to his relationship with his daughters. And then there's Nate. Followers of the series fear not. Nate is there exactly when it matters.

On the other hand, Box does create some villains who will make your skin crawl. They're not over the top, but they are definitely not someone you'd ever what to know.

Endangered is a plot-driven story, with great characters and excellent suspense. Box is always a great read.

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