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The Execution
Jeremy Fisk Thriller # 2
Dick Wolf

January 7, 2014/ ISBN 9780062064851
Political Thriller/Suspense

Reviewed by Linda Morelli


Author Dick Wolf is the creator of Law & Order. First release in the series, The Intercept, was reviewed by me for MyShelf.

Jeremy Fisk, a detective for the NYPD Intelligence Division, is on duty during United Nations Week when he’s assigned to investigate the discovery of thirteen headless male bodies found on a New York beach, many bearing drug cartel tattoos. He needs to insure there’s no hint of terrorism, especially with so many dignitaries arriving, among them the newly elected Mexican President.

Commandante Cecelia Garza is a detective who earned her rank though intelligence and hard work. Seemingly dispassionate, she investigates the death of twenty-two headless male bodies found in Luevo Laredo. The killer is "Chuparosa", a vicious drug leader who carves his mark – a hummingbird – into the skin of his victims. Although his identity is unknown, her goal is to bring him to justice. Garza is asked to protect and accompany current Mexican President, Umberto Vargas, to New York, where he hopes to obtain a treaty with the US to cut down drug trafficking. But when Fish and Garza meet, she wants information from him, but won’t share what she knows. And that may be her biggest mistake.

I admired Cecelia Garza’s steadfast devotion to her goals. Jeremy Fish is a man whose emotions, actions and desires prove he is a strong and dedicated hero, one far more fully developed than in the first release in the series. Dick Wolf introduces the main characters through alternating chapters, each packed with action, intrigue and page-turning suspense.

The Execution has a solid plot loaded with page-turning suspense. While a subliminal message concerns the role the US plays in the problem of drug trafficking, this thriller is truly about two dedicated professionals who set aside emotions to fulfill their duties to their respective countries. I thoroughly enjoyed this fast-paced, exciting read.
Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels.
Reviewed 2014