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Fat Cat At Large
Fat Cat Mystery #1
Janet Cantrell

Berkley Prime Crime
September 2, 2014/ ISBN 0425267423
Mystery – cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Quincy has been put on a diet by his new veterinarian Doctor Ramos. This causes the resourceful cat to find extra food in other places. Charity (Chase) Oliver and her septuagenarian partner Anna run the dessert bar shop, Bar None, near the local university in the Dinky town area of Minneapolis. Chase will be feeding Quincy diet kibble until his weight is under control. This furry Houdini has figured out how to get out of the shop and sniff out yummy edibles. When Quincy goes further than the alley, Chase and the rest of the staff go looking for him. While searching, Chase spots a front door that is not completely shut. Chase enters the building and smells a detectable meatloaf. Quincy is on the counter devouring the feast. Then Chase spots a man on the floor. It is Gabe Naughtly the man she had an argument with earlier in the day. Chase turns him over and spies the knife in his chest. Gabe will not be eating the meatloaf or anything else. Looks like the police have their prime suspect. Chase had better be careful finding the real murderer or she could end up behind bars – and not the tasty kind.

Things to ponder: Why does Gabe want Bar None shut down? Who put the rats in Bar None? Will the counter help ever stop bickering? Where is the missing money? Will Quincy ever become a lean sleek tabby?

This mystery pulled me in from the first page. I loved the Quincy parts of the story. It gives you insight into what this brainy cat is thinking. This is a well-paced story that will keep you guessing whodunit. I enjoy finding a new cozy mystery series because reading about a new protagonist is a special treat. I am already waiting for the next in this charming series. Cozy mystery readers with be purring with delight while reading this enjoyable mystery. The author has provided recipes for people and cats. So if you like a mystery that includes furry friends, then you should be reading Fat Cat At Large.

Reviewed 2014