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Faux Paw
Magical Cats #7
Sofie Kelly

October 6, 2015 / ISBN 978-0-451-47215-1
Mystery/Cozy/Amateur Sleuth/Paranormal

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Opening paragraph: "There was a severed head on the blue patterned quilt folded at the bottom of the bed. I turned my head slowly and looked into the eyes of a killer. He stared unblinkingly at me. It would have been terrifying if the head hadn't been from a yellow catnip Fred the Funky Chicken and the eyes hadn't belonged to my little black-and-white cat, Hercules."

There's never a dull moment in the life of a small town librarian. Just ask Kathleen Paulson, director of the Mayville Heights Free Public Library. There is a new art exhibit coming to the library, and along with it, an overbearing curator who rubs everyone the wrong way. The curator, Margo Walsh, has insisted on a state of the art security system installation, further complicating the set-up of the exhibit. The exhibit will feature some art from local artists, but the traveling exhibit itself is comprised of museum art from the 1800's. The focal point is a detailed drawing of a Dakota encampment by military artist Sam Weston. After Kathleen finds a murdered Margo in her own office, and the Weston drawing is stolen, she can't help but ask questions in an effort to solve the crimes. This is in spite of her boyfriend, Marcus, a detective insisting that she stay out of it and leave the crime solving to him.

Author Sofie Kelly continues to write a fabulous series, and Faux Paw is a satisfying read. I'm still in love with the magical cats, Hercules and Owen, and Kathleen and the other humans are quite likable too! Faux Paw is excellent as a stand alone read, but I still maintain that if you read one book in this thoroughly enjoyable series, you'll want to read all seven.

From the opening paragraph of Faux Paw until the closing sentence, my claws were dug into this book and I couldn't let go. This series is like catnip to me - I'm highly addicted!

Reviewer's Notes: Sofie Kelly also writes the Second Chance Cat Mystery series under the name Sofie Ryan.

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