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Five-Alarm Fudge
A Fudge Shop Mystery #3
Christine DeSmet

Obsidian Mystery
April 7, 2015 / ISBN 045141649X
Mystery - Cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Royalty is coming to Fishers' Harbor, WI. No, not Princess Kate, but Prince Arnaud Van Damme and his mother Princess Amandine of Belgium. This part of Wisconsin was originally settled by Belgium immigrants. These royals are related to Ava Oosterling's grandmother. Ava is busy making her famous fudge to present to the royals and the tourists that will be thronging to the harvest festival.

The hunt is on to find the rumored Divinity Recipe to be presented to the royals. Is this a real recipe or just another one of Grandpa Gil's fabrications? The recipe is said to be hidden in St Mary of the Snows church. The only things found so far are cob webs and dead bugs. Oh, Ava also found a bloody knife in the bench by the organ. The next day, Ava's mom has gone back to the church to make sure Ava and her friends have done a suitable job of cleaning for the royals. What Florine finds is more than a few cob webs. She has found a dead body. Ava had better be very careful solving this murder, or she could end up boiling over.

Things to ponder: Why doesn't Grandma Sophie seem pleased with the royal visit? How did Fontana Dahlgren find out about Sister Adele's Divinity Recipe? Why did the royals agree to visit Door County, WI?

I always enjoy my visits to Fishers' Harbor. The protagonist is right in the thick of things. The eclectic group of characters makes this a delightful read. The story is well-plotted and cozy mystery readers will relish solving this murder alongside Ava. The author has thoughtfully provided some mouth-watering fudge recipes. So, if you like your mystery with luscious sweets, then you should be reading Fire-Alarm Fire.

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