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Florist Grump
Flower Shop #17
Kate Collins

November 3, 2015/ ISBN 9780451473431
Mystery /Cozy / Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Flower shop owner Abby Knight Salvare and her new husband Marco are living with her parents while their own house is being built. She has a lot going on in her life between running her business, and her cousin Jillian on her case all the time about her new baby. Then when a former banker is murdered and the local and beloved business window washer is arrested, Marco intends to investigate without her, leaving her even more of a fuming PI. Of course, Abby is really going to help with the investigation, if only to save her friend, Jingles, from prison.

While the mystery in Florist Grump is as tightly woven as any of the previous sixteen books in the series, I found myself as grumpy as Abby while I read the story. I'm sorry to say that I was disappointed in the attitude Abby displayed to her parents in particular. She came across as a selfish and spoiled brat. With so much discussion about her cousin Jillian's new baby, and her mother-in-law on her case about when she planned to have a baby, I hoped that it would turn out that Abby was indeed with child, and that her mood swings were hormonal.

I understand that the series has been optioned for a movie, and that is fantastic because I can see the characters coming to life on the screen. The first 16 books were fabulous and I devoured them eagerly. Unfortunately, Florist Grump made me even grumpier than florist grump herself.

That said, if you are a fan of the series, you definitely should read the book so you don't miss any of the ongoing action and character development. It is a fast enough read, and as I mentioned previously, the mystery is a good one. I guess we all have bad moods and bad days once in a while- let's just hope that by book number 18 Abby will have perked back up to her usually sunny self.

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Florist Grump #17

Reviewed 2015