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Flourless to Stop Him
A Baker's Treat Mystery #3
Nancy J Parra

Berkley Prime Crime
May 2015 / ISBN-10: 0425252604
Mystery - Cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Toni Holmes is busy baking up a storm in her gluten-free bakery - Baker's Treat. Did I mention that this is probably the only gluten-free bakery in Oiltop, Kansas? Oiltop, Kansas, is right in the middle of wheat country. When a body is found in the bathtub of one of the rooms at the Red Tile Inn, Toni is happy she is not the one that discovered the body. Once the police get involved and find out the room is registered to Toni's brother, Tim, Toni has to get involved. Especially since the police consider Tim the prime suspect. With help from Mensa member Grandma Ruth, Toni's life is going to become even more hectic.

Things to ponder: Why is Tim renting a room at the Red Tile Inn? Is someone setting Tim to take the fall for the murder?

This is such a fun series. The cast of characters is wonderful. Grandma Ruth is a hoot and I look forward to seeing what she is up to in each book. The story drew me in right from the beginning and it soon became a page-turner of a read. The author has even included some mouth-watering recipes. So, if your enjoy pastry with your mystery, you should be reading Flourless to Stop Him. I can't wait to see what Nancy J Parra whips up next.

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