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A Matt Royal Mystery Series #8
H. Terrell Griffin

Oceanview Publishing
November 19, 2013
SBN 160809099X

Reviewed by Linda Morelli

Matt Royal is an ex-trial lawyer from Orlando who retired to Longboat Key, a small island off the coast of Florida. His girlfriend is Jennifer Diane (J.D.) Duncan, the local and only detective on the police department. She investigates the death of an elderly WWII veteran, Ken Goodlow, and learns that he was on the way to see Matt when he was murdered. When Matt’s lifelong friend, Jock Algren, arrives for some rest, J.D. asks for their help in solving the murder. Then she sees a photo on a computer and recognizes her old college friend, Katie Frederickson. Katie disappeared shortly after her husband was murdered a year before and was presumed dead, but the paper Katie’s holding in the photo shows the current date. Where is Katie? They soon realize there’s a connection between Katie’s disappearance and murdered vet.

Although this is the eighth release in the series, Found stood on its own as a surprisingly good mystery with a delicious touch of history. The information on the U-boat U166 made this an extra-special treat for me, because I love history, especially relating to World War II. The short chapters were perfect and made the tense and exciting plot even more immediate and realistic. The flashbacks to 1942, though using the fictionalized character of Lieutenant Paulus Graf von Reicheldorf, incorporated actual events and reveals how close the Germans came to U.S. shores in their attempt to insert spies into the United States. The aspects of this spy’s adventures added depth and a touch of reality to an already thrilling story.

In short, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and the author’s style so much that I plan to start reading the series from the beginning.


Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels.
Reviewed 2014