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Framed In Cornwall
The Cornish Mysteries – Book II
Janie Bolitho

Allison and Busby
19 March 2015/ ISBN 9780749017798

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Old Dorothy Pengelly is a good friend of Rose Trevelyan’s. She lives alone in a rather isolated location but has a son nearby who often visits her. But then Rose finds her dead, lying on the floor beside her distraught son; has she had a heart attack? Then the police discover that she has committed suicide, a verdict Rose finds hard to believe. Once again she decides to try and find out what really happened.

There is as much about Rose’s personal life and the lives of several other characters as there is about the mystery in this novel. Rose is coming to terms with the death of her beloved husband, but does she really want to be in a new relationship? Would she prefer to rediscover herself as an artist and leave the photography behind? There is also a lot in this book about the nature of bereavement, focusing on several characters that have recently lost loved ones and how they cope. This makes the story less of a “puzzle” whodunit where the focus is firmly on finding the killer and more of a book about the trials of life. Dorothy’s death is not just an enigma to solve but a real event that has left a gap in people’s lives. As with the first book this is a simple, linear mystery but one that seems to be a realistic part of the characters’ lives rather than a staged riddle to unravel. As the book ends the reader is left wondering what will happen next to Rose and her friends, a good way to end. I will certainly want to find out.

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