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From Fear To Eternity
Immortality Bites Mystery #3
Michelle Rowen

July 2014/ ISBN 0451466136
Mystery – Paranormal

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Sarah Dearly and Thierry de Bennicoeur have cut short their honeymoon in Hawaii to attend a mysterious auction in Beverly Hills. The newly wedded vampires are still in a state of matrimonial bliss. Thierry is there on business for the Vampire Council –known as The Ring. The Ring is supposed to make sure humans never find out that vampires really exist. Thierry is hoping to have the winning bid on an amulet to make sure it does not fall into dangerous hands. Atticus Kincade is also there – he is the head of The Ring. Two of the original members of The Ring council have been killed so there is talk of Thierry rejoining the group he formed centuries ago.

The party is underway and everyone is waiting for the bidding to start. Sarah heads to the kitchen after a run in with Veronique – Thierry’s ex-wife. What she finds in the freezer is a talking head. By the time she returns to Thierry, Sarah has forgotten the entire incident. Finally the bidding is underway and all the items are being sold. The last item is the amulet that interests not only Thierry but Atticus. With the bidding now over, it turns out that someone has stolen the amulet. It needs to be returned by dawn or heads will roll. The magic needs to be restored to the damaged amulet or the mansion and the occupants will cease to exist. This is no ordinary treasure hunt, Sarah had better be viligant or she could lose what is most important to her.

Things to ponder: Who sent the invitation to the auction? Did Thierry lie to protect Sarah? Who spiked Thierry’s drink? What happened to the talking head?

This is another bloody romp filled with lots of humor and danger. I love that Sarah will take on anyone to protect her man. There is a great mix of characters – I especially enjoy the quirky ones. This entertaining read soon became a page turner. I needed to find out what would happen next. So many twists and turns you would have thought you were on a roller coaster. The story is well-plotted and keeps moving along at a steady pace. So if you like your mystery filled with vampires and other paranormal beings, then you should be reading From Fear To Eternity.

Reviewed 2014