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A Full Churchyard
Montague Pluke – Book 5
Nicholas Rhea

Robert Hale
29 August 2014/ ISBN 9780719813658
Mystery / British

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


DI Montague Pluke is the most superstitious and colorful character on the police force. He is concerned that there doesn’t seem to be any crime in Crickledale, so he sets out to look for some. Surely somebody must have been up to something they shouldn’t? There seem to be rather a high number of deaths recently; it is true they were all elderly people and they appear to have died from natural causes, but so many is rather suspicious. It’s up to Pluke to get to the bottom of it all and find a suspect. Unfortunately, one of these appears to be his beloved wife…

Nicholas Rhea is the celebrated and prolific author of many books, including the Constable series that inspired the popular Heartbeat TV series. His Pluke series is an amusing and cozy series of mysteries set in contemporary Yorkshire, but a slightly skewed version. This is a place of minimal crime where the gaudily dressed detective can indulge his superstitious nature while solving the murders that pop up from time to time. It is all as relaxing as a warm bath and miles away from gritty realism, although in this tale of elderly deaths a note of this does creep in. Read this book when you want a soothing read at the end of a tiring day and you will find it fits the bill as well as a pair of slippers.

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