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Geared For The Grave
Cycle Path Mystery #1
Duffy Brown

Berkley Prime Crime
December 2, 2014/ ASIN: B00JJXV47W
Mystery – Cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Evie Bloomfield is determined to get a promotion. She has left Chicago and has gone to Mackinac Island to help Rudy Randolph with his bicycle business. Rudy is the father of her boss and Evie will do just about anything for a promotion. Rudy broke his leg and needs help running Rudy's Rides. Evie has no idea that there are no cars on Mackinac Island and the only way to get around is by bicycle, horse drawn carriage or by walking. Finally Evie arrives at Rudy's Rides – only to find herself in the middle of a huge argument. Bunny Harrington has just told Rudy that she will get the town council to shut down his shop.

Later that night, while delivering several bicycles, Evie sees someone sitting by some trees. Upon a closer look, Evie finds a very dead Bunny Harrington. What looks like a horrible accident turns out to be murder. Someone has tampered with the brakes of Bunny's bicycle. Now the police think Rudy is their prime suspect. It doesn't look like Evie will be getting a promotion at work any time soon. Evie had better be careful as she tries to solve this murder – she could end up with a flat tire.

Things to ponder: Why was Bunny riding her bicycle at night? Why is someone setting up Rudy Randolph to be the prime suspect? Did Evie really bring a black cloud with her?

Ever since I was young, I have always loved a book that included a map. It made the book special. Now that I am much older, when I book comes with a map – I am thrilled. Geared for the Grave is no exception. This is a brand new series by one of my favorite authors. It is well-plotted and cozy mystery lovers will enjoy solving the murder and meeting all the delightful characters. The story takes off and you might want to hang onto your bike helmet as the action is non-stop. I could not put this book down – I had to find out whodunit. So, if you like your mystery to have some pedaling action, then you should be reading Geared for the Grave.

Reviewed 2014