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A Ghostly Grave
A Ghostly Southern Mystery # 2
Tonya Kappes

Witness /Harper Collins
April 2015 / ISBN 0062374818
Mystery - Paranormal Southern Cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


After getting hit in the head with a plastic Santa, Emma Lee Raines, the Eternal Slumber Funeral Home director, can see ghosts. Not only see them, but speak to them and most important - solve their murders. In the psychic world she is known as a "Betweener Medium," a person who helps ghosts get to the other side. That's right, Emma Lee can only see ghosts that need her help. Right now she is on the case of the dead chicken. I mean Chicken Teater. Emma Lee is working with her hunky boyfriend, Sheriff Jack Henry Ross, to figure out who murdered Chicken. The entire town is in an uproar over the exhumation. Add to that the annual Kentucky Cave Festival, and Sleepy Hollow, Kentucky will never be the same.

Things to ponder: Who cut the lock on Lady Cluckington's cage? Is Granny going into politics? Does Marla Marie Teater know about Chicken's property? Who is the guy in the John Deere hat?

What a fun read. The story pulled me in from the first page. The characters are delightful and crazy quirky. This soon became a page-turner of a read for me. I had to find out whodunit. Cozy mystery reader will thoroughly enjoy themselves getting to know the characters - living and deceased. So, if you like your mystery filled with unique characters, then you should be reading A Ghostly Grave.

Reviewed 2015