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Ghost to the Rescue
Bailey Ruth Ghost #6
Carolyn Hart

Penguin Publishing Group
10/06/2015 / ISBN 9780425276563
Cozy Mystery / Oklahoma / Paranormal

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


When young Katie Davenport makes a wish upon a star, a folder suddenly appears on the heavenly desk of Wiggins, the Train Station Master of the Rescue Express in the Department of Good Intentions. Wiggins calls on Bailey Ruth Raeburn, one of his best dressed heavenly assistants, to take the case. As he sends Bailey off to Adelaide, Oklahoma, he reminds her of the ever important Precepts. Needless to say, the precepts are out the Heavenly Train window the moment she reaches earth.

Katie's mom, Deirdre, is broke, suffering writer's block, and needing a job desperately. Deirdre is dependent on Jay Knox, the black sheep of the town's most prominent family, for a job at the local college. Knox wants a little extracurricular activity before he agrees to name her as the newest member of the faculty. Unfortunately for Deirdre, Knox is murdered the night before he announces the newest professor. Enter Bailey aka Judy Hope/Officer Loy. Deirdre is freaked out by Bailey's colorful appearance, but accepts Bailey's help once she realizes she is the main suspect. Bailey seems to take a personal liking to Deirdre, as does Detective Hal Price. Sheriff Cobb, on the other hand, is fed up with the local paparazzi, Mayor Lumpkin, and Detective Howie interfering with the investigation, and decides to go hell for leather to solve the case. He once again accepts Baily's celestial assistance without pause.

There are plenty of clues and suspects at the Writer's conference, which gives Hart a chance to offer plenty of false leads and keep the readers guessing. She also gives Bailey plenty of outfits to make her happy and fewer lectures from Wiggins. Ghost to the Rescue is a quick, enjoyable read. I can't help but wish there was a TV series in the works. It would be a delight to see Bailey change outfits, interact with the Sheriff's Department, and explain herself to Wiggins and God.

Ghost to the Rescue is number six in the series. It's been a real joy watching the series and characters grow.

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