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Ghost Wanted
Bailey Ruth Raeburn #5
Carolyn Hart

10/7/2014/ ISBN 9780425266151
Mystery / Cozy / Paranormal

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


"Dark dealings being blamed on her." -- Wiggins, Ghost Wanted

Bailey Ruth is enjoying a beautiful day in heaven when a telegram pops in her hand. Wiggins' is calling her to the Department of Good Intentions. Bailey Ruth assumes it the usual divine intervention with someone in Adelaide, Oklahoma until she meets sees Wiggins. Wiggins seems overly concerned and preoccupied. This is serious.

Wiggins sends Baily Ruth to the Goddard College library where she meets war veteran Ben Douglas and with the library's local legend - and ghost - Lorraine Marlow. Miz Marlow and Wiggins have a history and this is why Wiggins stressed the Precepts before Baily Ruth left the train. It seems Miz Marlow is known for her matchmaking using roses, but someone is laying much darker deeds at her feet. A break-in leads to murder and a young woman is the first suspect. Bailey Ruth goes to extremes to find the murderer and clear Lorraine's reputation. Baily's also wants to bring Lorraine to heaven so she can be reunited with her husband and Wiggins, but Lorraine isn't interested.

Hart gives readers plenty of clues and suspects and Bailey Ruth and Wiggins once again entertain us with their interaction. Bailey has a bit of fun sharing her love of clothes and food with Lorraine, and, as always, the threatening sound of wheels on a celestial train track followed by the smell of coal smoke keeps Bailey Ruth on her toes. Most of all, Wiggin's life before the red brick train station and Rescue Express are revealed. Discovering the man he was on earth is quite touching.

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Reviewed 2014