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The Gods of Guilt
Mickey Haller Series #5
Michael Connelly
Read by Peter Giles

Hachette Audio
5/6/2014/ ISBN 9781478953470
Suspense / Lawyer / Audiobook - Abridged

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Mickey Haller is a quick-thinking, intelligent defense attorney who uses his luxury car as his office. Haller pays his driver, Earl, in legal services. When Earl needs a favor, Haller is there. Earl takes on a new roll in this mystery as he tries his hand at interrogating. Another change has Haller moving his current cases and associates out of his infamous car and in to a building.

In this mystery, Haller’s former client, a prostitute now using a new name, is murdered. Haller took Geiselle / Gloria under his wing in the hopes of changing her but it just didn’t take. She moves from the streets to the internet with the help of her new pimp, Andre La Crosse. It’s too late to help Gloria, so Haller turns his energy to Andre. Andre is accused of murdering Gloria but he convinces Haller it’s a setup. Haller and his team work tirelessly on this case as well as others to keep the cash flowing. In court, Haller tries the usual distraction with the jury in the hopes of getting Andre off, but it leads to a fatal outcome. The case becomes so complicated and dangerous it leaves him paranoid and determined.

Peter Giles narrates the audio version. His performance pulls the words off the page and into the listener’s mind. Connelly’s words and Giles’s narration has us looking over Haller’s shoulder, following his every move, witnessing the tricks of the trade and courtroom drama first hand. It’s exhilarating. I enjoyed sitting at the defense table, watching Haller in my mind’s eye charm the jury and play mind games with the prosecutor. Impressive writing and perfect narration, you can’t get any better than this.

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