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The Goodbye Witch
Wishcraft Mystery #4
Heather Blake

May 6, 2014/ ISBN 978-0-451-46587-0

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Darcy Merriweather is a Wishcrafter in the Enchanted Village, part of the infamous Salem, Massachusetts, where the Witchcraft Hysteria of 1692-93 culminated in several hangings. Yet nowadays, the Enchanted Village draws masses of tourists, eager to experience magic firsthand.

The Crafters of the Village are gifted with a variety of skills, and Darcy’s is that she grants wishes. She also has the ability to solve crimes using her intelligence as well as her intuition.

When her best friend, Starla Sullivan, who is part Wishcrafter and part Bakecrafter, becomes the chief suspect in the apparent murder of her ex-husband, Darcy dives in with all of her powers to save her friend from unjust charges and to help restore her soul. You see, Darcy is also a fixer, which is not a magical gift, but a big part of her human nature.

The Enchanted Village is populated by so many wonderful and warm Crafters and critters, that it is hard to choose a favorite. I love them all. Sometimes, even the “bad guys” are redeemable and I find that to be a true-to-life and admirable quality in this book.

While reading The Goodbye Witch my emotions ran the gamut from worry to feeling enlightened, from deep sadness to ultimate joy. I laughed and cried, sometimes both at once.

From the fabulous sparkly cover, to the denouement and the conclusion, I adore this book. The whole series has pride of place on one of the bookcases in my bedroom, where I can reach out and touch them, as the magic they bring is ethereal. I would love to see this series rereleased as hardcover books. Yes, they are that good! In fact, in my mind’s eye I can see a cable TV series based on what, in my opinion, is Ms. Blake’s signature series.

Heather Blake is a prolific, yet thoughtful and methodical author. She knows her characters in any book or series she writes thoroughly. They speak and act normally – although often paranormally, too! I’d like to recommend that you purchase every book in this series, and savor them when you have some leisure time to absorb them. If you’ve already read, “It Takes a Witch,” “A Witch Before Dying” and “The Good, the Bad and The Witchy,” you likely feel my excitement about this new book. If you can’t find a Wishcrafter to get “The Goodbye Witch” into your hands in the blink of an eye, make sure you are first in line at your local bookstore to get your copy on release day or pre-order online and make sure you are home to greet your mail carrier when your book is delivered. You won’t want to waste a minute diving in!

Reviewed 2014