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Gossamer Ghost
Scrapbooking Mystery #12
Laura Childs

10/7/2014/ ISBN 9780425266663
Mystery / Cozy / Amateur Sleuth / Scrap Booking / Recipes / Holiday: Halloween

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


New Orleans and Halloween -- they’re made for each other. It’s a week-long celebration that keeps Memory Mine employees busy. Carmela, along with boyfriend, Babcock, and friend, Ava, enjoy Frankenstein, the play, New Orleans’ first ever Zombie Crawl, a Halloween Ball, and a ride on the Ghost Train.

Unfortunately, Carmela discovering the body of neighboring shopkeeper isn’t part of the celebration, but it does add to the creepy Halloween effect. The only object missing from the shop is a recently acquired Death Mask – even creepier. It turns out the mask is stolen property and the late shopkeeper, Marcus, is the accused. Marcus’ assistant /fiancée, Mavis, believes he's innocent andwants Carmela to solve Marcus’ murder and salvage his reputation. Detective Babcock is postive Marcus was a thief. Mavis asks Carmela to give Babcock some information about Marcus and the mask, but Babcock wants nothing to do with it. He tells Carmela to stay out of it, but we know snooping is one habit Carmela cannot break. Needless to say, she takes the lead and runs….

Carmela is enjoying the usual Halloween customers at Memory Mine, but she can’t say the same about fellow merchants who are taking an interest in the murder and the shop space next door. Carmela gets a visit from her greedy landlord who resembles Felonius (Despicable Me), a countess who wants to name her shop after Lucreza Borgia, a fellow shopkeeper normally as reserved as a mortician, now freakily frantic, and friend / float designer, Jekyl, who channels Anne Rice’s vampire Lestat in his everyday life. Talk about a Halloween mixer…

In Gossamer Ghost, Childs gives cozy fans everything want: an armchair mystery, likable characters, and loads of entertainment. There are plenty suspects and false leads, but this mystery isn’t just about clues or scrapbooking; it’s also about New Orleans and BFFs. Carmela and Ava enjoy the festivities and entertain the readers as Ghostesses on the Ghost Train. Dressed as Ghost Brides, the two really throw themselves into it…. It’s a spooktacular ride you can’t miss.

Gossamer Ghost is the perfect Halloween treat. Be sure to check out the author's scrapbooking ideas and recipes at the back of the book.

Gerry Schmitt (aka Laura Childs) has a thriller coming out called Finders Creepers. It’s the first in her new Afton Tangler series.

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