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A High End Finish
A Fixer Upper Mystery #1
Kate Carlisle

Obsidian Mystery
November 2014 / ASIN: B00JJXV8DC
Mystery - cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Having survived the blind date from hell, Shannon Hammer will be glad never to hear the name of Jerry Saxton again. She wants nothing more than to get back to work at Hammer Construction. This is her home renovation business located in Lighthouse Cove, California. She has no idea how many people saw her fighting with Jerry on the beach. He got a little "handsy" and Shannon let him have it. She might have even threatened his life.

The next day, Stan Boyer, one of her clients, asks her to check out his house. A neighbor called him about water running. Stan is out of town. Since Shannon is renovating the house, she goes to check it out. She maneuvers around the broken steps and heads for the basement. Shannon finds a very dead body - a very dead Jerry Saxton!!!

The police think Shannon might be a prime suspect. The only way to prove she is innocent is to find the killer. Shannon had better be careful or she could end up remodeled.

Things to ponder: What was Jerry Saxton doing in the Boyer's house? Did someone set up Shannon to take the fall? Why didn't Stan Boyer check his water problem himself?

A new series is like getting a gift. I can't wait to pull off the wrapping paper and find out what is inside. The author has provided her readers with a cast of characters that make this a delightful read. Cozy mystery readers will enjoy figuring out whodunit. The story is a well-plotted and fast-paced read. I can't wait to read about Shannon's adventure in future Fixer Upper Mysteries. So, if you like your mystery to include hammers and lots of nails - then you should be reading A High End Finish. Look for This Old Homicide in February 2015.

Reviewed 2014