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Hot Fudge Frame-Up
A Fudge Shop Mystery #2
Christine DeSmet

June 3, 2014 / ISBN 0451416481
Mystery - Cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


The denizens of Door County, WI should be enjoying the sweet days of summer. Known as the Cape Cod of the Midwest, it was a well-known tourist destination. Ava Oosterling should be getting ready for the First Annual Fishers' Harbor Fudge Festival. Instead Ava is packing to move into her fudge shop. Landlord, Lloyd Mueller, has sold the cabin she has been renting. The residents of Fishers' Harbor think Lloyd has a secret plan to change the town. In addition, Ava is also a part-time referee to the two celebrity chefs that will be competing against her. The last free-for-all had Kelsey King and Piers Molinsky threatening each other with fudge cutters. While no person was injured, a batch of Ava's Cinderella Pink Fudge was ruined. Then there was the incident at the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse - a rock was thrown through the gift shop window and had a note attached. It basically said that Lloyd must not allow Ava to win the contest or someone would die.

Ava has become so busy - she forgot to take a batch of fudge to Libby at the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse. She makes a special trip out to the lighthouse and sees Lucky her ex-husband's water spaniel running loose. He is acting very hyper so Ava follows him around the lighthouse. There she sees a man on the ground. Is it Dillion her ex-husband? It turns out to be Lloyd Mueller. Ava had better be very careful investigating his death or she could end up scorched.

Things to ponder: Who is behind the threatening note? What is Lloyd's secret plan for the Blue Heron Inn? Was his death murder --- or suicide? Would the fudge contest still be held?

While this is the first book I have read in the Fudge Shop Mystery series- it will not be my last. I so enjoyed Ava Oosterling and her family and friends. The story is well -plotted and the author has provided us with plenty of suspects. Plus, any story that has a dog as one of the main characters is a bonus in my book. This very quickly became a page turner that I found impossible to put down. I look forward to what Ava cooks up in Five-Alarm Fudge which will be out in 2015. So, if you like your mystery with some good Belgium chocolate, then you should be reading Hot Fudge Frame-Up.

Reviewed 2014