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How To Catch A Cat
Cats and Curios #6
Rebecca M Hale

Berkley Prime Crime
March 2015 / ISBN-10: 0425258882
Mystery - Paranormal Cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


What do the America’s Cup Regatta, knitting needles, lemony perfume and fried chicken have in common? Normally, I would say nothing – unless it has been written by, Rebecca M. Hale, the marvelous author of the Cats and Curios mystery series. Read on --- all will soon become apparent……

Oscar and his niece are searching for the Knitting Needle Ninja – a serial killer with a penchant for doing away with San Francisco’s City Hall interns. Oscar feels responsible since he sold her the first set of dagger-fitted needles. Who knew that Mabel, the sixtyish assistant to the Mayor, had a hobby killing off the interns? Mabel skipped town – or did she? Her favorite scent is still lingering around City Hall. Will Oscar and his niece be able to track Mabel down before she strikes again? Maybe with the help of Rupert and Isabella, two very special cats, they can finally put her away.

Things to ponder: Who is spying on the passengers of the San Carlos? Is more than one person being stalked? Will Rupert ever get a fried chicken donut? Will Alberta survive the intern jinx?

The author continues her love affair with San Francisco. You feel as if you are there on the latest rollicking escapade with Oscar, his niece and the rest of the screwball characters in this book. I love the all-knowing Isabella and how she advises her people. Rupert lives to eat – but recognizes Mabel in disguise. This book seamlessly weaves together the past and present with two stories. The story is well-plotted and a very fast read. I just had to know what happened next. Cozy mystery lovers will enjoy this delightful book. So, if you love cats, a good mystery and some historical facts, then you should be reading How To Catch A Cat.

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