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Iced to Death
Gourmet De-Lite Mystery #3
Peg Cochran

Berkley Prime Crime
March 4, 2014 / ISBN 042525254X
Mystery – cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Gigi Fitzgerald arrives home to find Ralph’s Pizza Truck in front of her house. This is not something she ordered. Her Gigi’s Gourmet De-Lite clients would not be pleased to see Gigi eating unhealthy food. After all Gigi makes the best gourmet diet food around. Gigi is surprised by her sister Pia who has just arrived to pay her a visit.

Pia already has a crush on Declan McQuaid – owner of Declan’s Grille. This is the same Declan that makes Gigi go weak in the knees. So it is not surprising that Gigi doesn’t mention that she is going to be helping Declan prep an engagement party the next day. When Gigi agrees to help Declan, she ends up hurting the three closest to her. Pia thinks Gigi is after Declan. Boyfriend Detective Mertz is just plain jealous. Reg the Westie - hates not being with his person. Happily, the party goes off without too much chaos. After sharing a drink with Declan, Gigi heads to the parking lot to get her car and go home. She finds a bundle of clothes. Unfortunately, this bundle is attached to a very dead body.

When the police target Declan McQuaid as the prime suspect, Pia begs Gigi to get involved. The host of the engagement party, Bradley Simpson, has been murdered with an ice pick. Said ice pick just happens to have Declan’s name on it. Not only will Gigi be going against the wishes of her boyfriend, Detective Mertz, but if she is not careful she could end up in the deep freeze.

Things to ponder: Since Bradley’s wife was ill, why didn’t he drive her home? Was the murderer a guest at the engagement party? Where did Barbara’s pashmina end up? Will Mertz get over his jealousy?

Once I started reading Iced To Death, my eyes stayed right on those pages. I had to keep reading to find out whodunit. There are plenty of plot twists to keep you guessing. The author has thoughtfully included some yummy and healthy recipes. So if you like your mystery filled with mouthwatering and juicy details, then you should be reading Iced To Death.

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