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If Catfish Had Nine Lives
Country Cooking School Mystery #4
Paige Shelton

Berkley Prime Crime
August 5, 2014/ ISBN 9780425269282
Mystery / Paranorma l/ Cozy

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Betts Winston and her gram are taking a spring break from their cooking school, but they are certainly not relaxing as their small town, Broken Rope, Missouri is hosting a cowboy poetry convention. The ladies will be teaching the visitors to fry catfish over a campfire, enjoying skits and entertainment, and keeping up with some of their ghostly visitors.

When one of the actors in a pretend gunfight is actually murdered, things get intense, and fast. Betts’ brother, Teddy, is somehow involved in the murder, but the question remains how, and what the ramifications may be. Could Teddy have killed the man, or been a witness, and who beat the stuffing out of Teddy as a result?

I love this series. Paige Shelton really knows how to write an exciting and unique mystery. The ghosts seem all too real, with their own emotions and thoughts nearly on par with the living. Yet Joe, the Pony Express rider ghost, along with his vividly aware horse, and Jerome, who is Betts special guardian horse, are indeed dead, and that point is never forgotten.

A visit to Broken Rope is always time well spent. I enjoy Betts and Gram, and their devotion and loyalty not only to each other, but also to their town’s inhabitants- the living and the dead. While it is not necessary to read all of the Country Cooking School mystery series in order, I highly recommend that you get copies of all four books and have yourself a binge reading session. You won’t be sorry!

Reviewed 2014