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If Onions Could Spring Leeks
A Country Cooking School Mystery #5
Paige Shelton

Berkley Prime Crime
September 1, 2015 / ISBN 978-0-425-26929-9

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Summer in Broken Rope, Missouri is never dull. There are plenty of tourist attractions, ranging from Old West skits to wagon rides.

Meanwhile, Betts Winston, and her Gram have their cooking school on a part-time, evenings summer schedule, but that doesn't mean their lives slow down any. You see, the local ghosts have other plans, and Bett's ability to delve into otherworldly mysteries draw the ghosts to her, like the wagon rides draw the tourists.

There are two mysteries in this book, one based in the past and one murdered man, all too current. How they intertwine and how the living and the dead interact make for a fascinating tale. It's going to take all of Bett's wits and some help from her first ghostly friend, Jerome Cowbender, along with her Gram and her boyfriend and other friends to solve both crimes.

I've enjoyed this series from the very beginning, and am so happy that it continues to evolve and get even better. Paige Shelton's vivid descriptions of Broken Rope and its inhabitants, as well as the detail involved in plotting two mysteries in one book, make it feel as if Shelton herself were living in Broken Rope, seeing that world through Betts' eyes and sharing the journey first-hand.

I highly recommend “If Onions Could Spring Leeks” to cozy mystery lovers who enjoy a touch of the old-west and a heaping serving of the paranormal. Paracozies seem to be the latest trend, and the Country Cooking School Mystery series, with this it's fifth book, is the leader of the pack!

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