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Inherit the Word
Cookbook Nook Mystery #2
Daryl Wood Gerber

Berkley Prime Crime
March 4, 2014/ ISBN 0425258076
Mystery – cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Jenna Hart and her Aunt Vera are looking forward to the annual Grill Fest that is held in Crystal Cove, CA. They are thrilled because the contest will be held in The Cookbook Nook - which they co-own. This year’s challenge is grilled cheese. In addition to the great food, they will have to make sure that the contestants do not get into another brouhaha. Lola Bird has already been fighting with Natalie Mumford. Lola has accused Natalie of stealing her chef.

The day of the Grill Fest arrives and the contestants are introduced to the crowd by Mayor Zeller. Lola requests a break before starting so she can use the facilities. During that time, cookbooks are being sold like hotcakes. Then the fire alarm goes off and everyone is forced to leave. Lucky for everyone - one of the contestants is a fireman and he and his supporters (also firemen) check out the store. The good news is there is no fire. The bad news is they found a body in the alley behind the store. The police’s prime suspect is Lola Bird. Jenna thinks of her as a second mom. She will have to get involved in the investigation. Jenna better be careful or she could end up getting burnt.

Things to ponder: Who put the coins in the statue? Did someone set up Lola for the murder charge by trapping her in the restroom? Was David’s death really an accident?

This second book in the Cookbook Nook Mystery series includes the same cast of quirky characters that we love. This was one delicious page-turner. The author has thoughtfully included some yummy recipes. So if you like your mystery crispy around the edges, then you should be reading Inherit the Word.

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