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In the Company of Sherlock Holmes
Stories Inspired by the Holmes Canon
Edited by Leslie S. Klinger Laurie R. King

November 11, 2014 / ISBN 9781605986586
Mystery / Historical

Reviewed by Linda Morelli

Like many mystery aficionados, I love Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. I also fell in love with Laurie R. King's follow up novels featuring Sherlock and Mary Russell, who eventually becomes his wife in King's popular series. While, sadly, none of Laurie King's work appears in this collection of sixteen short stories all related to or featuring Holmes, each story in this collection is a variation on Sherlock Holmes and includes some rather unique settings and whimsical means of portrayals. All are charming and highly entertaining and, of course, I have my favorites.

There's Michael Connelly's "The Crooked Man," featuring Art Doyle, a 70 year-old Medical Examiner who has a rather uncanny sense of predicting the true cause of death. Sara Paretsky has written a delicious mystery entitled, "The Curious Affair of the Italian Art Dealer." Michael Sims' "The Memoirs of Silver Blaze" retells a familiar story from the horse's point of view, and then there's my favorite, "Dunkirk" by John Lescroart, which features an elderly Sherlock incognito on a boat, involved in the rescue of British at Dunkirk during World War II.

The other authors have all contributed variations on the Sherlock Holmes theme. Each one was an entertaining view on the detective, his associates or his nemesis. While I can't name all the authors here, there are sure to be several whose stories you'll love.

The most intriguing - and indeed factual tale - is found in the Introduction by Laurie R. King and Leslie S. Klinger regarding the journey they took to get this book published. From one reader's point of view, it was well worth the effort. These short stories will entice you from the first "the game's afoot" and leave you wanting more.

Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels.
Reviewed 2014