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James Patterson, David Ellis
Read by January LaVoy, Kevin T. Collins

Hachette Audio
6/23/2014 / ISBN 9781478900344
Thriller / FBI / Serial Killer - Audiobook - Unabridged

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


FBI researcher Emmy Dockery wants to solve her twin sister’s death. She’s sure it’s murder. Emmy works hard to find a way around her boss, Dickinson, as she investigates. Dickinson is an egotistical, sexist boss who enjoys humiliating Emmy. He had Emmy suspended without pay and she’s using the time to investigate the fire that killed her sister. Dickinson just got word through an Arizona newspaper that Emmy is still investigating the fire, after the local Police Chief closed the case.

Needless to say, Emmy leaves his office angry but instead of acting out, she looks up her ex-fiancé, retired field agent Harrison Bookman. Emmy left Bookman just before their wedding, and he hasn’t forgiven her. Emmy pleads her case but Bookman refuses to get involved – at first. Their goal is to get proof of murder in previous cases similar to Emmy’s sister’s case. They put together a group of professionals to research and hunt down a killer Emmy is sure exists. Bookman gives her the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes wonders. The two follow possible leads across the Midwest and right into a shocking, face-off.

Invisible is about loss and retribution, in more ways than one. We know within a couple of chapters the killer’s name is Graham. We witness Emmy’s frustration as she tries to convince people there really is a killer loose and we hear Graham’s thoughts as he records his memoirs. In Patterson tradition Graham’s recordings are explicit. I jumped ahead when it was just too much. With Invisible Patterson delivers plenty of intense moments and unexpected twists.

The audio version is read by January LaVoy and Kevin T. Collins. It’s chilling listen. LaVoy is well known in Television, Theater Film, and Audiobooks. LaVoy brings Emmy’s determination and fearlessness to life. We can’t help but root for her. Kevin T. Collins is also known in Television, Theater, Film and Audiobooks. Collins gives us a chilling read of the maniacal, disturbing Graham. It will make you shiver.

When it was all over, all I could say was “Wow.”

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Reviewer's notes: Profanity. Extreme Violence.
Reviewed 2014