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Jesus Jackson
James Ryan Daley

Ingram Services
October 2014/ ISBN 978-1-9293-4506-9

Reviewed by Tiffany Artiaga


When I read what Jesus Jackson was supposed to be about, I couldn’t wait to start reading this novel. I love that the main character “Jonathan” is a teen and I think it will make young adults more willing to read it and possibly like the story. Although it seems more like it’s written for young adults I think adults will really enjoy the story as well, mainly because unlike most books out this book isn’t about sex and relationships. I found it be refreshing to read a book that mainly dealt with finding out the truth about what really happened to “Jonathan” and about the boy finding his faith and questioning what he always assumed about religion.

I really like the way Mr. Daley wrote Jesus Jackson; anyone can relate to the character in some way whether you’re male or female. While reading this book and about “Jonathan” I could remember when I was in high school and remember the feelings and even the questions I had at the time about my faith as well as questions about things that were going on around me and I completely understood how the character felt! I like the way the author made “Jonathan’s” friend “Jesus Jackson” more hip, but understanding and nice as well. I really enjoyed this book and I feel it would make a good series for preteens especially. I think Mr. Daley has a promising future as an author and I would love to read more novels by him. Out of a score of 10 I give Mr. Daley and this book a “9.”

Reviewed 2014