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Just Needs Killin’
Jinx Schwartz

July 15, 20014/ ISBN 978-1500295370

Reviewed by Dennis Collins


Hetta Coffey is a sometimes civil engineer operating as a freelance consultant from the deck of her live aboard yacht. Her boyfriend, Jenks, is currently working on assignment in Dubaias. Hetta labors from the harbor of Puetro Ensconido near the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. It’s a long distance romance that leaves Hetta with way too much time on her hands and too many opportunities to get into trouble.

Hetta’s longtime friend, Jan, is also living aboard a nearby vessel, a research ship dedicated to finding a two hundred year old shipwreck in the local area. Jan’s boyfriend, Chino, heads up the cash strapped project.

Jan is approached by a Japanese business tycoon who says he can arrange for a one hundred thousand dollar grant to help finance the search. All Jan has to do is show up at a cocktail party at a nearby high end resort. Jan agrees but decides to bring Hetta along.
When the girls get to the party they find their benefactor dead in his room. Concerned that they might be somehow implicated they plot a graceful and, hopefully unnoticed, exit. But Hetta encounters some familiar and decidedly unfriendly faces along the way.

The money that was promised for the expedition actually comes through with the stipulation that two Japanese divers accompany the team. Chino has no problem with the arrangement but Jan and Hetta aren't nearly as comfortable.

This book is the sixth book in the Hetta Coffey series. I have not read the earlier adventures but after enjoying this book, they will certainly find their way into my library.

Jinx Schwartz has a writing style that is absolutely captivating. Every paragraph and often every line throws a clever,, thought provoking twist at the reader. The pace is very good and the characters, even Aunt Lil, are fun and interesting. It’s a lighthearted look at murder and mayhem. A fun book and a fast read.

Reviewed 2014