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Karma's a Killer
A Downward Dog Mystery #2
Tracy Weber

Midnight Ink
January 8, 2016 / ISBN 978-0738742106
Cozy Mystery

Reviewed by Linda Morelli


Kate Davidson is a Seattle yoga teacher who has a canine companion, Bella. When Kate is asked to teach yoga for dogs at a fundraiser for a local animal rescue, she agrees. Kate suspects that teaching yoga to canines and their human owners may pose problems, but that's nothing compared to the arrival of animal rights protestors who disrupt the event, or the suspicious fire that follows. Later, Kate learns that one of the protestors, Raven, was murdered, and she remembers seeing an older woman arguing with Raven. That woman, Dharma, admits that she's Kate's long lost mother and asks Kate for help when she's charged with murder.

Tracy Weber's latest release is an engrossing, sassy mystery loaded with wonderful characters, both animal and human, a great plot and humorous antics that had me laughing out loud. Despite Kate's estrangement from her mother and the emotional turmoil raging inside her, Kate believes the universe is trying to teach her a lesson. To prove her mother's innocence, Kate enlists her significant other, Michael, and her best friend, Rene, who is pregnant with twins, and asks an attorney and current goat herder, Dale, to represent Dharma. It appears that the murder may revolve around DogMa, the animal rescue firm that held the fundraiser. But why would the protestors kill to make a point?

The yoga scenes with the dogs and the pregnant mothers were especially enjoyable and conjured up images that had me laughing out loud too many times to count. Kate's dog Bella is a real sweetheart and proof that rescue dogs are family, one for Kate that now includes a mother with whom Kate shares many traits. The mystery was solid and fast-paced, the characterization outstanding, and the zany wonderful humor made Karma's a Killer a win-win for me.

Tracy Weber's first release in the Downward Dog Mysteries series, Murder Strikes a Pose, is nominated for the 2015 Agatha Award for Best First Novel.

Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels.
Reviewed 2015