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The Killing Kind
Chris Holm
Read by Will Collyer

Hachette Audio / Mulholland Books
09/15/2015/ ISBN 9781478903239
Thriller / Hit Men/ America / Audiobook - Unabridged / 8 hours and 24 minutes

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

What grabbed my attention about The Killing Kind was the storyline – a hitman who kills other hitmen is being hunted. I wanted to know more about this character - how this hit man was created and what his future will be, if he survives. The storyline opens with Michael Hendricks setting up a hit in Miami - a deadly trip up of a Hit. We witness Hendricks’ expertise, and the satisfaction he gets from taking out the most violent of hitmen. We discover, in the storyline, he once had a simple life and a love interest, but all was lost in the wake of honor and duty. We also meet FBI Special Agent Charlotte Thompson. She’s chasing Hendricks in the hopes of bringing him in, but Hendricks is a little busy running from his own hitman. When he realizes the killer chasing him is after the one person he loves, he sets up a deadly trap. It’s quite the show down.

For me, The Killing Kind is an unexpected gem. It’s a well-written storyline with plenty of action. Holm’s hero is an intelligent, fearless character. I hope we see either more of Michael Hendricks or more of this caliber of a standalone thriller from Holms. Actor Will Collyer delivers an intense narration.

Reviewed 2015