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Kings of London
Breen and Tozer #2
William Shaw
Read by Cameron Stewart

Hachette Audio / Blackstone Audio, Inc.
1/27/2015/ ISBN 9781478986935
Historical Mystery / London, 1968 / Police Procedural / Audiobook - Unabridged/ Audible Download or CD

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


In book one, DS Cathal Breen (Paddy) and WPC Helen Tozer teamed up and solved the murder of a young woman. In Kings of London, they continued as partners but that may come to an end. The two are at the scene of a gas leak and explosion Breen and Tozer find a murder victim, along with some unique paintings in the building. Breen wants to search for clues, remove the body and the paintings, but the smell of gas has them running instead. The victim is well known in the art world; when Breen and Tozer go in search of the victim’s associates they are truly enlightened. The sixties were indeed a unique time. Also in this mystery, Breen is once again drawn back in the secrets of a former detective, only this time Breen is the suspect.

Breen continues to be treated like an outsider by fellow detectives but it doesn’t distract him. Breen’s intensity throughout these investigations is safely monitored by Tozer’s common sense. Tozer is a unique character; she doesn’t let her coworkers' sexist attitude affect her as a woman or her job. The series takes place in the late 60s – the era of peace, love, drugs, and cop-outs. The characters, descriptions, and slang from the 60s are so spot on they actually triggered memories. If you're looking an exceptional British detective novel, William Shaw’s Breen and Tozer series is the one for you.

Cameron Stewart narratrd Kings of London as he did with She's Leaving Home - with a sixties style that takes you back in time. It's certainly a memorable listen..

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