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Knot The Usual Suspects
A Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery #5
Molly MacRae

September 1, 2015 / ISBN 978-0-451-47131-4

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Blue Plum, Tennessee is home to some interesting characters, and the annual arts-and-crafts fair, "Handmade Blue Plum," should bring in plenty of tourist traffic. Kath Rutledge and the TGIF knitters, expect to liven things up by yarn bombing the town. Things take a turn for the worse, however, when a former resident Hugh McPhee is murdered, sending fear throughout the community.

Kath and the knitters work to untangle the clues, but they can't do it alone. Fortunately, they have supernatural help in the form of Geneva, the ghost who lives in Kat's shop, "The Weaver's Cat."

The clues and red herrings kept this reader guessing, which is always a good thing for a seasoned mystery reader. The characters are comfortable and familiar, and a visit to Blue Plum is like a vacation to visit long lost friends. Paracozies are quite the rage now, and the Haunted Yarn Shop mysteries are among the best. This was a fast read for me, chiefly because I couldn't put it down! "Knot the Usual Suspects" would be a great fall book club read, and is suitable for teens on up. Although it is fine as a stand-alone read, it's my opinion that it is even better if you've read the previous books. Therefore, my suggestion is that if you haven't read the first four books, you get hold of all five in the series and sit yourself down for a binge read!

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