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Looking for Mr. Good Witch
Retired Witches #2
Joyce and Jim Lavene

Berkley Prime Crime
October 6, 2015 / ISBN 978-0-425-26826-1
Mystery/Cozy/Amateur Sleuth/Paranormal

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Molly Addison Renard and Elsie Langton are witches who are planning to retire and move to Florida. If only they could find and train replacement witches for their coven. Their dear friend and fellow witch,

Dunst, was killed, and is now a ghost with very little of her witchy abilities left. Her daughter, Dorothy Lane Dunst, however, has magic and is now in training to take her mother's role. Elise represents fire, Molly represents water, and Dorothy represents earth. They hope to entice Brian Fuller, an air witch, to round out the coven, but he is somewhat reluctant.

A herald of the Grand Councils of Witches, Cassandra Black, visits the coven's shop, Smuggler's Arcane, to warn them that someone is killing male witches and that they will learn more at the full moon celebration the following night. Meanwhile, Molly's husband, Joe, a police detective, has caught the case of a local young man, presumably killed by this serial killer. Joe's ex-wife, also a detective, has come to town to partner with him to find the murderer. How well will this turn of events go over with Molly? When it becomes apparent that Brian is the next target, Molly and her fellow witches must spring into action. For Molly, this includes a deal with the frightening and creepy "Bone Man," who says he will protect her husband and son from the wrath of the Witches Council if Molly returns his wife to him. The challenges seem insurmountable, even for those with magical powers.

Joyce and Jim Lavene are masterful paranormal mystery writers, and I always look forward to a new Lavene book. Paracozies are quite the rage these days, and I adore the genre and the leeway they gives authors for creating storylines that stretch reality in new directions.

Looking fior Mr. Good Witch is a spell-binding mystery, the perfect successor to Spell Booked, and provides readers with a natural evolution of characters and plot in the "Retired Witches Mystery" series.

I enjoyed the book immensely, and found myself reading late into the night, promising myself "just one more chapter," yet continuing on until the end. I look forward to the next Retired Witches Mystery and hope that the Lavenes are hard at work on it already. As I've said in other reviews, you can't go wrong with a Lavene mystery, and I highly recommend Looking for Mr. Good Witch!

Reviewed 2015