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A Love For All Time
Time Wander Novel #1
Chloe Douglas

Forever Yours / Hachette
September 2014/ ISBN B00II3038Q
Mystery – Historical / Time Travel

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Loose cannon Mick Giovanni, of the 94th Police Precinct in Brooklyn, New York, is being called out by Lt. Wanda Chu. He hasn't been the same since loosing his partner over a year ago during the Kingsborough Massacre. Lt. Chu is forcing him to slow down and take a vacation. But first Mick needs to see a woman waiting to speak to him. Mick thinks Lettitia Merryweather must be an extra in a movie filming nearby. Or, she is an escapee from Masterpiece Theater. Lettitia is dressed in Victorian period clothing. She wants Mick to help her find her missing sister Emmaline. Lettita tricks Mick into going to Larimer Street. They have made it to the time portal .Then Lettita pulls out a device that looks like a pocket watch. The next thing Mick knows, he is in London and the year is 1888! Jack the Ripper is still on the loose and Lettitia tells Mick they have a week to find her sister.

Things to ponder: How does Madame Mazorsky know Mick? Will Mick get back to his own time? Why did Police Commissioner Sir Charles Warren oversee the investigation of the murder of White Chapel resident Martha Tabrun? How did Constable Bertie Tinsdale end up with Emmaline Merryweather's locket?

The author has painted a picture of life in Victorian London. There are plenty of twists and turns, as well as red herrings and dead ends that will keep the reader turning those pages. Mick Giovanni is not the type of detective to give up. Will he put aside his growing feelings for Lettitia and get on with solving the case? This is not my usual genre, but the Jack the Ripper angle intrigued me. I am looking forward to more Time Wanderer novels. The author has her pick of many locations and time lines. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing where we go next. So, if you are a fan of time travel, then you should be reading A Love For All Time.

Reviewed 2014