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Magic and Macaroons
Magical Bakery #5
Bailey Cates

July 7, 2015/ ISBN 978-0-451-46742-3
Mystery/Paranormal/Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds


Katie Lightfoot is a hedgewitch, and works as a magical baker at Honeybee Bakery. She's also a member of a spellbook club and during an evening meeting, the women are interrupted when a strange woman collapses in the bakery. The woman manages to say that she is looking for Katie, that her uncle sent her, and that Katie needs to find a voodoo queen and a missing talisman.

Needless to say, Katie is confused and turns to her friends, particularly Cookie, who has some background in voodoo. When the mysterious woman turns out to be Dawn Taite, niece of otherworldly investigator, Franklin Taite, the intensity of the situation ramps up. Particularly once Franklin's body is found. Katie had thought he had died months ago, but it appears his death was recent. It looks as though there is a murderer on the streets who intends to kill members of the magical community in Savannah, and Katie may be the only one able to stop the evil.

While I enjoyed this book and really like the series, something seems different about this installment. Perhaps it is the darkness of the voodoo element. Author Bailey Cates is a polished, experienced writer, who does a good job of bringing her characters to life and writing unique story lines.

If you are interested in the para-cozy mystery genre, you'll want to give Magic and Macaroons a go. This is the fifth book in the series, and I'd recommend that you read all five so you can get to know Katie from book one, right on through to this new one.

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Reviewed 2015