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Maple Mayhem
Sugar Grove Mystery #2
Jessie Crockett

Berkley Prime Crime
July 2014/ ISBN 0425260208
Mystery – cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Dani Greene thought her idea of a maple cooperative would be a good thing for all the people involved in maple syrup production. They would buy supplies as a group and that would save them money. This would be good for those families teetering on the brink of losing their businesses. Everyone agreed to the state inspection required to join. Everyone….except Frank Lemieux. He didn’t like the government in any form getting into his business.

Then things started to happen. Dani’s car was vandalized, several high producing maple trees were debarked and left to die, a child was threatened with a gun, and threatening notes were left. All the people involved were joining the co-op. They all think Frank Lemieux is responsible for all the strange happenings in Sugar Grove, NH. After Tansy Pringle is threatened, Dani heads for Frank’s place. He doesn’t answer the door. Dani sees smoke coming from his sugarhouse and goes to investigate. She goes inside and it is extremely hot. Then she trips over Frank’s body. His head is bashed in and he is dead. Dani had better be very careful finding this murderer – she could end up tapped out.

Things to ponder: Who vandalized Dani’s car? Why does Frank have it in for Kenneth? Who pushed Dani during the game of hide ‘n’ seek? Why was Bob Sterling leaving Frank’s place in such a hurry?

I love spending time with Dani and her family. They are a loving bunch and only want the best for each other. This was another winner read. The author provided more than enough suspects. I liked eliminating them one by one. It was a page turner of a read for me. I read it quickly and had a hard time putting it down. I needed to find out whodunit. The story was well-plotted and provided enough twists and turns for a roller coaster. The author thoughtfully provided some mouth-watering recipes. So if you like your mystery with a stack of pancakes, then you should be reading Maple Mayhem.

Reviewed 2014